August 2010

Niaz Khadem, liaison between the Tarzana Elementary School in the US and the village in Molejon, conducted a roof-building project during the worldwide Year of Love project. US students studied ways to keep the love in and the rain out. Panamanian students sent a power point with ideas on how they had put a roof on their kindergarten. Niaz taught songs about the Habits-of-Heart in Spanish and shared the same songs later in Tarzana, so each group learned songs in a second language.


Students in Mokhotlong, Lesotho learned about the relationship between drought, hunger and the habit of farsightedness.
Their service project involved a tree planting on a high mountain plateau. Afterward, they gave the gift of song to the NGO who helped them plant, asking for rainfall for the thirsty mountain.

Full-Circle Learning sites from eight countries participated in a project that was housed at the Nobel Peace Prize Center in Oslo, Norway one summer, to emphasize the relationship between peace and the environment. These “peace seeds,” made of recycled material, were sent as messages of friendship from children around the world.

Full-Circle Learning Alumni Club artists Douglas Rosales, Melissa Douglas and Young Douglas show the work they donated to the school they helped to found. The new adminstrators honor them for the dedication and creativity it took to complete the project.